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For Immediate Release - March 27, 1995


New Products Hit One of the Hottest Markets in EDA Today!

San Jose, CA---Data Interoperability is one of the fastest growing markets today in the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Industry. Electronics manufacturers are currently spending nearly $300 million dollars annually on integration data environment utilities for translating and moving data within their EDA environments . Engineering DataXpress, Inc. today unveiled the DXE Product Family, a new product line of data interoperability solutions that simplify and streamline the process of integrating electronic design data.

The DXE Product Family consists of a core environment and various software components that adapt the environment for specific interoperability tasks. The nucleus of the core environment is an intermediate data structure called the DXE database. The structural integrity of the data stored in the database is maintained dynamically by an internal data management module. The semantic integrity of the data is maintained by the DXE verifier which not only checks for semantic violations but also establishes, under user control, well defined relationships between data objects, such as links between object references and definitions. The DXE procedural interface (PI) is the mechanism through which all design data is created within or retrieved from the DXE database. There is both a high level and low level PI. The DXE Product Family incorporates major new advancements in information models and PIs to enable data integration between all major EDA systems. The DXE Product Family supports all of the common data formats including CFI, EDIF 2 0 0, EDIF 3 0 0 , VHDL and Verilog. The DXE210 Verilog Component is the most recent addition to the DXE Product Family, providing the EDA industry's first-ever solution to the complex problem of achieving Verilog interoperability at the structural level.

Full Interoperability of Schematic, Connectivity, and Structural HDL Information

The DXE Product Family enables end-users to successfully integrate design data within their design environment. It also allows EDA vendors to rapidly create interfaces for their tools that are compatible with the common data formats that are in use today. Full data interoperability solutions are now achieved in a fraction of the time normally required to develop such solutions.

With many years experience in the EDA industry behind it, Engineering DataXpress is established and well-regarded in the EDA industry as the only neutral company providing dependable, effective interoperability solutions worldwide. DataXpress interoperability solutions currently exist for:
 Cadence Mentor Graphics Viewlogic
Intergraph (VeriBest) PADS Software Zuken-Redac
Data I/O (Synario) Silicon Valley Research Computer Vision
OrCAD Synopsys Numerous Others

Engineering DataXpress has the Interoperability Market Cornered

With the recent attention to a new "outsourcing" business model proposed by a large EDA vendor, DataXpress has chosen the ideal time to introduce the DXE Product Family. As the only neutral third-party company in the EDA industry today that's providing a full line of interoperability products, DataXpress is immune from the hot issues spurring debate over the related vendor outsourcing model. Among the key issues of that debate are the experience of the service provider (or vendor) in achieving interoperability solutions, and the ability of EDA vendors to offer consulting services without forcing their customers to use only one vendor's tools. Also at issue is the vendor's access to the intellectual property of each customer as required for successful interoperability implementations.

DXE Product Family Based on Widely Used Predecessor, EDI Development Environment

As the vendor outsourcing debate continues, DataXpress remains well above the noise. DataXpress boasts an established eight year track record in providing complete interoperability solutions based on its widely-used EDI Development Environment . Unlike other companies attempting to penetrate the growing interoperability market, DataXpress has demonstrated its capabilities to effectively serve the market. DataXpress is the only company in the EDA industry meeting the requirements necessary to provide high quality and cost-effective interoperability solutions, including:

Price & Availability

The DXE Product Family of interoperability solutions is available today. Pricing starts at $2,000 for off-the-shelf components that link various EDA vendors, and $15,000 for the base DXE development environment. Pricing is based on the number of options, and platforms. Supported platforms include: Sun, HP, IBM, Sony NEWS, NEC, DEC, SGI, RS6000, Macintosh and PC Compatibles.

DataXpress Company Profile

Engineering DataXpress, Inc. is the leading independent provider of interoperability solutions for customers of the EDA industry. By providing standards solutions, development environments, and contract services for custom solutions, Engineering DataXpress is committed to the achievement of true data interoperability in the EDA Industry.

Founded in 1987, DataXpress headquarters are in the Silicon Valley at 812 South Winchester Blvd, Suite 130-131, San Jose, CA 95128-2925. Phone (408) 243-8786, FAX (408) 243-8994. Contact DataXpress headquarters for European and Asia Pacific distributor information.

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