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Engineering DataXpress, Inc. was founded in 1986 on the premise that there was a growing need for electronic design, analysis, synthesis, and manufacturing tools to "interoperate" among different EDA Vendor systems. DataXpress coined the phrase "data integration" to describe the goal that design information be available and understandable by the different tools used in the electronic design process. Today, a more popular term for data integration is "interoperability".

Studies have shown that today the incompatibility of vendor tools still causes a major disruption in the design process. Precious man hours are spent on tool integration rather than on project development, significantly affecting the cost of the designing. On the average, companies spend double the initial cost on support for their EDA tools. Therefore, the goal of complete interoperability has not yet been attained and it, in fact, is the most widely recognized and discussed problem in the EDA industry today.


Engineering DataXpress, Inc. develops, markets and supports software tools and products that are used to achieve Interoperability, through Data Integration, in the electronic design environment.


Engineering DataXpress provides both point-to-point design data translators and sophisticated tool kits for translator development. The DataXpress Integrator product line provides off-the-shelf, optimized links between various EDA vendor environments. These data links are perfect for those customers who need to move data from one EDA vendor to another, but have neither the time nor resources required to develop their own translators. All data passes through an intermediate database where sophisticated mapping algorithms eliminate any format and function differences which may exist between the various EDA vendors. The DataXpress Integrator product line currently consists of schematic translators for the following EDA vendors: Mentor Graphics, Cadence, OrCAD, DAZIX, Data I/O (Synario), PADS Software, ViewLogic, etc. In addition, the above mentioned translators have also been qualified to ensure that they will work with existing EDIF interfaces from the following EDA vendors: OHIO, Synopsys, Viewlogic, VeriBest, Phase III Logic, etc.

For customers who prefer to develop their own data translators, DataXpress offers four translator development products: the DXE200 (also known as EDI) Translator Development Environment with a data model based on EDIF 2 0 0, the DXE300 Translator Development Environment and the DXE Product Family which supports the connectivity and schematic/symbol domains of EDIF 3 0 0 and EDIF 4 0 0, and the DXE400 Translator Development Environment which supports EDIF 4 0 0's Printed Circuit Board data model.

Engineering DataXpress also offers conversion services to assist in translating designs from one EDA vendor database to another. We support Mentor Graphics, Cadence, OrCAD, DAZIX, PADS, Data I/O (Synario), PADS Software, Viewlogic and others. We have successfully translated hundreds of designs between numerous systems specialize in schematics, symbols and symbol libraries.


Companies use the DXE200 (EDI), DXE300 or DXE400 Translator Development Environments to develop interfaces between their own in-house tools and any commercial tools that they purchase. EDA vendors also use these same tools to expedite the development of EDIF interfaces to their own environments. At the same time, if the extensive interface capabilities offered by Engineering DataXpress are used, the vendor's customers can also integrate the tools they purchase into their established design environments. Engineering DataXpress tools have already been applied to the translation of text, netlists, graphics and schematics.


Because DataXpress is a neutral company, not affiliated with a particular EDA tool vendor, it can provide a neutral solution eliminating conflicts that may arise between tools from different vendors. DataXpress' neutrality has enabled it to obtain expertise on the differences between systems. This is essential in mapping data from one system to another.


DataXpress is a privately held company. The company maintains a sharp focus on providing format translation and data transfer between EDA systems.

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