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"When I initially began to convert our existing DOS OrCAD database to Cadence [Composer] I thought there were basically two paths: a) a one-time, brute-force method or b) an elegant solution that allowed multiple conversions. I had thought about manually re-drawing all the schematics in Cadence until I found out we had close to 1,000 schematics.

I chose Engineering DataXpress because they had the only complete solution. Not only did they support OrCAD and Cadence, they used EDIF as an intermediate format.

I quickly realized that my conversion process was NOT going to be a one-time run but rather a series of conversions. I have since converted hundreds of schematics ... I was lucky that the DataXpress software was so easy to use to allow multiple conversions quickly and easily." -- Jacob Rael, Innovent Systems

The DataXpress Viewlogic to Cadence conversion software has allowed QED to upgrade our IC layout capabilities without impacting our schematic entry methodology. This has allowed us to improve productivity with minimal cost in both dollars and engineering time. The software is very easy to use, and more importantly, is backed up by great support. Turn around time on enhancements and (occasional) bug fixes is very impressive." -- Joe Lichy, Quantum Effect Devices

"When the University of New Hampshire's InterOperability Lab needed to translate a schematic database from Viewlogic to Mentor Graphics we chose DataXpress. They were able to complete the task in a timely manner and were there to answer our questions throughout the process. We were completely satisfied with the results and are looking forward to working with DataXpress in the future." -- Keith Hatfield, University of New Hampshire - InterOperability Lab

"DataXpress has been very important to our business. As a small integrated circuit design company, we have a problem. We can not afford to support all the major (and expensive) CAD tools used by our clients. DataXpress has helped solve this problem for us. By translating our schematic designs into the schematic capture tools used by some of our clients, DataXpress has allowed us to pursue business that would have otherwise been closed to us. Considering the confused state of graphical EDIF, I don't know how they were able to translate our designs so accurately (a lot of hard work and diligence perhaps). Thanks again for that extra effort you have consistently given to our projects." -- Joe Pagliolo, President, ASIC Systems, Inc.

"The service provided by DataXpress on a recent AMD project was outstanding! DataXpress is very customer-service oriented and dedicated to work with their customers on projects through completion. Customer satisfaction is definitely high on their list!" -- Dervinn Caldwell, Advanced Micro Devices

"DataXpress converted our schematic database from PADS to OrCAD. They completed the task in a timely manner with 1st pass success and treated us as a valued customer. The engineer who worked on the converson was available to answer all questions. Our experience with DataXpress warrants return business and a recommendation to others." -- Jamey Robbins, Nikon Precision, Inc.

"The Software from Engineering DataXpress has provided Synopsys with a robust and reliable means of interoperating with third party tools from such vendors as Cadence and Mentor. The DataXpress software has been very valuable in bringing schematic from these systems into our VHDL simulation environment." -- Ranjit Padmanabhan, Synopsys, Inc.

" Sun Microsystems depends on Data Interoperability between its EDA systems and many semiconductor vendors. The EDI software from Engineering DataXpress, combined with internal software and other third-party software, has enabled us to rapidly move designs from our Synopsys/Verilog-based EDA systems to any of our ASIC vendors (including AT&T, LSI, Motorola and NCR). DataXpress software has contributed significantly to the solution of a very complex and intractable problem." -- Khanh Vu, Corporate CAD Manager, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

"Siemens was able to use a variety of tools, both from commercial vendors and internally developed in a cohesive system thanks to the data interoperability provided by Engineering DataXpress' EDI software. Currently, the company is using the DataXpress software to migrate complete schematics including graphics, connectivity, and other information from its current system to Cadence systems. The DataXpress software has been robust and reliable and has helped us remain very flexible, enabling us to use the best EDA software available at any given time and move our designs from environment to environment." -- Dr. Fritz Kirsch, Manager CAD, Siemens AG.

"We have relied on the software from Engineering DataXpress to help us resolve our data interoperability challenges for four years. The service and support we have received have been first class in comparison to other software vendors. We particularly appreciate the very short response time of the company. This is critical for us, particularly when dealing with a foreign company." -- Bernd Melchisedech, CAD Engineer, Siemens AG.

"We purchased a schematic translator from Engineering DataXpress which translates Synario designs into EDIF. The entire process is infinitely better than translating the schematics by hand. DataXpress can accommodate edif translations between many EDA Vendor tools." -- Shida Martinez, Draper Labs

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