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Engineering DataXpress Inc. has long been recognized as the worldwide leader in providing data interoperability solutions. The company offers the DataXpress Integrator(TM) product line which provides off-the-shelf, point-to-point design data translators between various commercial EDA vendor environments. Some of those vendors include Cadence, Cohesion Systems, DAZIX, Mentor Graphics, OrCAD, PADS, Synario, Synopsys, VeriBest and Viewlogic. For customers who prefer to develop their own data translators, DataXpress offers translator development products based on the EDIF 2 0 0, EDIF 3 0 0 and EDIF 4 0 0 (PCB/MCM) data models. In addition to the products mentioned above, DataXpress offers Conversion and Contract Services as well as our new Outsourcing Services which allow us to work together with our customer to create custom, quality solutions.

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